Our Story


We are a family and female-owned business.

Alida was working as a journalist in Kosovo until political unrest drove her to immigrate to the United States in 1991. When she landed in New York, she decided to turn her passion for cooking into a full time career. She attended the International Culinary Center and became a pastry chef. 

Although Ariana was born in the United States, she grew up with strong ties to her Balkan roots. She devoured burek at bakeries during her visits to Croatia and Kosovo and she yearned to make the pastry more accessible in the US. 

Years later, Ariana and her aunt, Alida, teamed up to make her dream a reality and Balkan Bites was born. 

Alida Malushi (left) , Ariana Malushi (right)

Alida Malushi (left) , Ariana Malushi (right)